Epic and Electric: EV Road Trip Learning Curves | With Tiff Overton

Bridie Schmidt talks to Tiffany Overton, a U.S. native and lean principles consultant in Australia, who undertook a groundbreaking electric road trip around Australia in her slow-to-charge Mercedes EQC400. Tiffany's adventurous journey made her the first woman to drive solo around Australia in a non-Tesla EV, facing unique challenges. A year on, Bridie talks to Tiffany about her EV purchase and road trip, the changing EV charging landscape, and lessons learned.


Podcast Website: elevatepod.com.au/
Contact details: bridie@elevatepod.com.au
Tiff’s blog on Solid Systems: Tiff’s EV Adventure Around Australia (EVAAA)
Tiff’s post on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:…569044405731328/

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