Driving EVs in the Real World | With Neerav Bhatt

Bridie and Neerav look at working out real vs WLTP range for EVs before taking a road trip, and also dip into time-of-use pricing to promote EV adoption, the challenges of retrofitting older apartments with charging infrastructure, street-level EV charging solutions and boost modes in electric vehicles.


Podcast Website: elevatepod.com.au/
Contact details: bridie@elevatepod.com.au
Neerav Bhatt: twitter.com/neerav
BridieEV: twitter.com/BridieEV
Neerav's Electrifying Everything Blog: https://www.bhatt.id.au/blog
Neerav's Electrifying EVerything Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClykQp_7S-Jkq0mqTa8gvqg
Neerav on TechAU: https://techau.com.au/author/neerav/

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